Wifi door controller

Smart access control just got smarter with the Fobzz M-200 smart door controller.
The M-200 is a small access control module that supports Wifi and Bluetooth technology and has a user friendly easy to use application. Our Wifi and Bluetooth controller lets you control electric locks like magnetic locks, electric strikes and more, unlock doors, gates or garage doors with the convenience of your smartphone.

Bluetooth unlocking power

The Fobzz M-200 can be used out of the box to unlock most access control devices, thanks to it's Bluetooth technology.
Connect the Fobzz M-200 to Wifi to unlock more features like: Remote access, remote management, view event logs and more.

App based access control

Access control made simple! Unlock doors from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. Our user friendly app makes it easy to setup and use the Fobzz M-200. Unlock doors, give of revoke user access, create time schedules and more.